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M/V 707 VARUNA wreck removal

A sand carrier vessel “707 VARUNA” suddenly lost stability during her voyage and sank to the depth of 33 meters, off the coast of Busan, Korea.

After 2 months of rigorous tender process, Korea Salvage was awarded the contract to refloat and scrap the 707 VARUNA (wreck removal).

By utilizing two sheerlegs (1700 ton & 2200 ton capacity), our salvage team successfully lifted the wreck, loaded it on a flat barge, and transported it to a local scrap yard for processing.  


M/V OCEAN TANGO bunker removal

Due to heavy wind and bad weather, a Ro/Ro car carrier OCEAN TANGO drifted and ran aground on the shore of Yeongdo Island, Busan, Korea.

There were tears along the port side bow section, and fuel oil and diesel oil leaked out of the vessel.

Korea Salvage was summoned by Shipowner to conduct bunker recovery work, and our salvage team successfully completed it.

Bunker Recovery Duration: 7 days