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Whilst the "HEUNG-A DRAGON" was inbound on the 7th November 2013, she was in collision with another vessel. As a result of the collision, "HEUNG-A DRAGON" foundered to the west of the channel into Vung Tau, Vietnam. Collision damage is known to exist on the port side between frames 79 & 97, with a hole, estimated to be about 9.2 meters longitudinally and 3.0 meters vertically, in a position about 6.0 meters below the main deck (the depth of the vessel is 12.9 meters). The Korea Salvage Co. Ltd was awarded the contract for the wreck removal of Heung-A Dragon on early March 2014. Cargoes onboard the sunken vessel were removed first. These salvaged cargoes were sorted and stored at local storage yard. Upon completion of removing cargoes, the hull refloating operation followed. Seawater was discharged from cargo holds 1 and 2 and engine room. On 16th of May 2014, the wreck was successfully refloated, stabilized, and then towed to local shipyard for further processing.


A bulk carrier "M/V Ligari" was invloved in a collision with an oil tanker, "DL Sunflower" south of Busan, Korea. The casualty was quickly towed to the Busan port and anchored. The "Ligari" was hit on the starboard side near the engine room, and the engine room was becoming flooded. Its engine room was taking some water to engine room tanks (top side and a double bottom tank). Our salvage team quickly conductied an underwater survey and created a salvage/repair plan to stop further damage to engine room from water ingress. For a duration of 12 days, our team conducted welding/cutting of damaged area and successfully patched up the cracks and holes. Also, our team performed the reinforcement of engine room wall. The casualty was then towed to Longkou, China for further repairs.