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The barge & tug was stranded on shore due to a strong wind & high wave on November 21, 2009. The tug was scrapped at the stranded site and the barge was refloated successfully and towed to Korea.


MV “TAI PROFIT” (G/T : 38,382ton) on DECEMBER, 2009

The vessel which loaded 70,000m/t of SOYBEAN & 1,460.40M/T of M.F.O       & 31.40m/t of M.D.O was stranded on rock on December 2, 2009. With 4 tug boat, we refloated, towed the vessel to safe port on 3rd Dec 2009 and redelivered at Busan New Port, Korea on 2400hrs 5th Dec 2009.

Right after our successful salvage, shipowner, consignee, H&M underwriter, PNI & port authority could relieved to be able to prevent huge disaster such as oil pollution and environmental contamination with the consequence of hull damage caused by a severe weather condition at the moment.


MV “OS SUNSHINE” (DWT : 15,000ton) on APRIL, 2009

MV “OS SUNSHINE” has redelivered to shipowner after salvor’s cargo unloading & refloating by tug’s pulling.