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M/V TIAN HE (Mar, 2007)

M/V TIAN HE(GT: 5,546ton) which loaded about 6,200tons of steel product was grounded by 25m/s of strong wind at Taejongdae, Busan, Korea on March, 2007, all the cargoes was salved and the hull was scrapped successfully


Barge MAI (8,640CBM / Mar, 2007)

The barge MAI (8,640CBM) ran aground on submerged rocks at west coast of Youngdo, Pusan, Korea as a result of anchor dragging by strong wind (25m/sec) and her damaged bottom was exposed in air at low tide on 4th March, 2007. We supplied compressed air through temporary air valve and towed with 4500HPx4vessels & 2,000HP x 2vessels of tug at the same time.


Caisson Dock "HEUNG WOO 7000" (24th Aug 2006 ~ 8th Dec 2006)

Caisson Dock Heung woo 7000 ran aground Hwa-buk coast, Jeju Island on Feb 2006 loaded 4,727tons of reinforced concrete caisson with list to starboard side 10 and her bottom was damaged seriously and was unrecoverable. Reinforced concrete caisson was cut with diamond wire saw and recycled as artificial fishing bank around the site and the wreck was removed completely.


M/V " JIDA " (25th Dec ~ 27th Dec 2006)

On 21st Dec, 2006, M/V JIDA was anchored with the condition of dead ship due to a fire & explosion in E/R at off Menggol-do abt 9km northwest, Jindo-gun, Jeonnam and we towed her at Mokpo port after water ballasting on 25th Dec, 2006


Barge "MP-2809" (Nov ~ Dec, 2006)

A Russian barge, MP-2809 departing from Incheon to Russia was aground on the coast Jeju island on Nov 2006. We patched the damage up from 7th Dec, 2006 to recover her buoyancy and towed it to Gam-cheon port, Pusan for re-delivery.


Dredger "GA-P1" (July ~ Aug, 2006)

A pump dredger, GA-P1(G/T704T, 4000HP) operating at off Saemangum sea wall, Jeonrabukdo had collided with an unidentified object underwater and sunken. We dispatched oil spill response team immediately and salvage team patched up all the openings and damages and recovered her buoyancy by pumping seawater out from the hull. The refloated vessel was scrapped.


M/V CENTURY TEAM (G/T: 2,717) ON FEB 2006

M/V CENTURY TEAM loaded 3,329tons of steel plate was seriously listed about 40 to port side due to heavy weather condition in off Wando on 7th Feb, 2006. Our brave salvage team cut through high seas and on-boarded the vessel to drop the anchor. After dropping anchor, tow line was connected and towed to a near safe port.


Bulk Carrier "EISHO MARU 1" (G/T 1,997) ON AUG 2005

Bulk Carrier "EISHO MARU" loaded 2,000 tons of wood pulp, was capsized in a collision with another vessel in near of Chungsan Island on 27th July 2005. On 3rd Aug, our Salvage team turned over her by sheerleg and towed it to Masan Port.


Bulk Carrier LONG XUYEN (Sep 2005)


This vessel (GT 5470) was aground on 6th Sep, 2005 because typhoon Nabi at Dogu beach near to Pohang. Our salvage team was dispatched to the casualty on 16th Sep this vessel was redelivered to the owner after successful salvage operation.


M/V CHANGJIANG NO. 5 (Apr 2005)

This vessel was collided with a drifting object during her voyage on date 13th april, 2005 and damaged on her bow about 20cm x 20cm penetration hole. Eventually her FPT, store and cargo hold was flooded with sea water. Our salvage team plugged, pumped out seawater & towed her.


M/V 15 SUNYANG (July 2004)

A Chemical tanker 15 SUNYANG (G/T 696) which was loaded 2,000tons of gasoline was collided with another chemical tanker at near to Haeundae beach on 16th July, 2004 severely damaged on her port side engine room. This vessel was salved safely, towed and redelivered to owner at Youngdo, Busan.



A bulk carrier M/V SSANGYONG (GT 497) was sunken at 4 miles east off Gwangdo about water depth 30meters on date 30th Oct. due to a collision with fishing boat.

This vessel was successfully lifted and towed to Busan and scraped by our salvage team from 16th Nov to 27th Nov, 2003


LNGC "FUWAIRIT" (Sept. 2003)

The LNG carrier (GT: 56,000ton) was aground due to a typhoon Maemi on 12th Sep, 2003. This vessel was salved successfully on 18th Sept by our salvage team in cooperation with Japanese salvage company (Nippon Salvage).


Self Elevating Platform KAJIMA(GT 5,800) (Apr~June, 2002)

Japanese Self Elevation Platform barge "Sep Kajima", owned by Kajima construction Co., Ltd, equiped with 200ton of revolving crane was aground on 20th Jan, 2002 during her voyage to Atomic Power Plant construction in Taiwan from Yokohama facing with tremendous typhoon at off Okinawa, Japan. She sunken and her damages were unrecoverable and regarded total loss in the end. We were appointed as a salvor by Tokyo Fire and Marine Co, Ltd. and removed the wreck with floating crane.


M/V "YONG FA" (Oct. 2001-Mar. 2002)

This general cargo vessel (G/T 3,744), loaded 5,460 tons of hot rolled coils, sank in a collision with fishing vessel at Sang-bak Islands off Yeosu, South Korea in July, 2002. During Oct. 2001 ~ Mar. 2002, We removed the wreck under the contract with her P&I Club, Osprey Underwriting Agency Limited London. In the first phase, 676 tons of scraps including eleven rolls of hot coils were removed. In the second phase, eight sections of large wrecks/728tons were lifted by sheerleg (1,500ton)


M/V PINE & PETER (Nov, 2000)

This fishing vessel (GT 179 Tons) sank by typhoon in near off Wando-Isalnd, south of Korea and lifted by sheerlegs and towed.


M/V "XIANG FENG" (June 1999)

This general cargo vessel (G/T 3,992ton) sunken in near of Palmido Island after collision with another cargo vessel in 1992. The wreck was removed with floating sheerlegs, floating barge and divers. After a six month operation, all the wreck were successfully removed.


D. M/V "XIANG FENG" (June 1999)

M/V "XIANG FENG" (G/T 3,992) sank in near of Palmido Island in a following collision with another cargo vessel in 1992. The wreck was removed by sheerleg, barge and divers for 6 months.



M/V "RAKIURA MARU" (Sept. 2003)

This general cargo vessel (about 20,000G/T) was aground at coast of Kosung, Kyungnam, Korea due to typhoon "Maemi" on 12th Sep, 2003 and salved by our salvage team successfully on date 15th Sept. Our prompt and appropriate rescue operation was highly evaluated by a large shipping enterprise, HOL Japan.


"SAMSUNG NO.1" (Sept. 2003)

One of the biggest floating sheerleg (S.W.L: 3,000ton) in Korea was aground on date 12th Sep, 2003 due to a strong typhoon "Maemi". This sheeleg was salved by our team in cooperation with Nippon Salvage.


M/V "MOCKCHIN" (Sept. 2003)

Bulk carrier "MOCKCHIN" (G/T 7,000) was aground on date Sept due to typhoon "Maemi" at off-Jinhae bay. This vessel was salved by our team.


Floating Dock (Mar. 2003)

Floating dock (45 x 31 x 15.75 m) was towed from Moji Japan to Mokpo, Korea by our towing team.


Caisson Dock (Nov. 2002)

Caisson Dock (52 x 34 x 21.4 m) was towed from Sasebo, Japan to Hanlim, Jeju Island.


"36 BUYOUNG" (Jan. 2002)

Fishing boat "36 BUYOUNG" (G/T 10.0) was capsized in a collision with another vessel in near of Geo-je Islands in korea in January, 2002. It was cutting of fishing net from her propeller when the merchant vessel struck on the hull of fishing boat resulted in capsized. On the date 29th January, Our salvage team deployed and overturned it with floating sheerleg and subsequently towed it to the Eun-sung Shipyard in Busan where the boat was scrapped completely.


M/V "JINMAN YANG" (Aug 2001)

This full container vessel (G/T 7,310) was distressed with engine trouble in near of Hong-Do island in south coast of Korea. Our team salved the casualty by towing her to Kwang-Yang port.


M/V "RAPANA" (May 2001)

Fishing vessel "RAPANA" (G/T 268) was distressed with Engine trouble in near of Dokdo islands during on her way to Vladivostok. Our team salved the casualty by towing her to Busan.


M/V "KEUMSOO No.5" & "TAEHYUNG No.1"(May. 2001)

This two fishing vessel sank at No.3 Pier in Busan Harbor in a collision with approaching vessel and lifted by floating sheerlegs.


M/V "BUMCHUN" (Apr. 2001)

This Ro-Ro Cargo ship (G/T 93) was capsized at the port of Chung-mu, Korea during her cargo operation and turned over were successfully and towed to the Tae-Yang shipyard.


M/V "SUN GLORY" (Mar. 2001)

This general cargo ship (G/T 3,801) was distressed off Bukpyung, east coast of Korea, flooded in E/R with unexpected crack of sea chest during on her way to Vladibostok and our team patched-up on the crack and pumped seawater out during towing to harbor of DongHae.



M/V "CHANGLIM NO.1" (Mar. 2001)

This general cargo ship(G/T 1,984) lost her seaworthiness due to a heavy whether conditions in near of Ulsan, Korea, and flooded into No.2 Hold where the bottom plate was cracked during on her voyage to Busan. This vessel listed to starboard side abt 40 when our salvage team arrived. The patched up on the crack and pumped seawater out during towing to the harbor of Ulsan.



M/V "SE CHANG No.3" (Apr. 1999)

This general cargo ship (G/T 871) was aground at Chodo Islands in the south of Korea. Our salvage team discharged part of the cargo with floating crane and pumped seawater out from the cargo hold to re-float the vessel and redelivered the vessel.